Asset Management

Asset Allocation
Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, 3rd Party Money Management, Public and Non-Public Reits and LP's
Tax-advantaged products
Financial Planning
Estate Planning Capabilities


Asset Allocation

Our strategy models are based on decision rules applied by software. There are times when these strategies will exceed expectations and there are times when they will not. They require that we monitor and update as conditions warrant. Our intent is to bring one the best investment strategies through proper asset allocation.


Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, et al.

We are an Associate Registered Investment Adviser through Centaurus Financial, Inc., providing full financial planning services. Our services include all facets of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 3rd Party Money Management, Public and Non-Public Reits and LP's.


Employee Benefits

Health coverage
Retirement Programs
Key Man
Golden Handcuffs/Parachutes

We are an independent multi-state marketing organization specializing in fully insured and self-insured employee benefit plans for small and mid-size firms.


Group Health Insurance

We propose the best solutions offered by the market, tailored to the specific requirements of each employer.
We analyze the plans already in place and provide in-depth information on the competitiveness and sustainability of prevailing rates.

Retirement Programs

We specialize in retirement plans 401k, 457, 403b, Simple IRA's, IRA's, Roth's, etc, all revolving around the retirement analysis and solution for the small business owner, and their employees. 


Key Man

Identification and protection of owners and key personnel. Discriminatory plans available for Golden Handcuff and Golden Parachute plans.

Individual & Family Solutions
What we offer private individuals and professionals:

A detailed, up-front analysis of ones personal data and ones particular requirements.
Complete, integrated management of ones insurance portfolio both clear and concise.


Health Insurance

Providing health insurance for single individuals and ones' family is more than just selecting a health plan. It's also the understanding of those benefits and the costs associated with that coverage.


Life Insurance

Life insurance is the cornerstone of each family's financial security. It protects ones' financial resources against the perils of life intervening. All solutions are available, Term, Whole Life, Universal, Variable Universal, First-to-Die, and Second-to-Die. We are independent in thought and work exclusively for our clients in product selection.


Individual Retirement Programs

Individual IRA, Roth, SEP, 403b